Why Do I Need Mastering

Why Do I Need Mastering?

The music market is very demanding and the competition is huge. If you want your tracks to compete then it is vitally important that your master can hold its own sonically as well as musically.

Have you ever wondered why commercial records sound louder than yours? Or why your tracks just don’t sound like a “record”? If your tracks have been recorded and mixed at different times (or even at different studios) then you might end up with massive differences in level and tone.

Mastering will create a seamless collection of tracks that will sound great via any medium – at home, on radio & TV, online, on the move and in any venue. Whether your music is for commercial release or you are sending demos to get a deal, then you need mastering.

In addition to the sonic improvements you will hear with mastering, it is also vitally important that your master is correctly encoded and produced to the Red Book standard. This is necessary if you intend to replicate or sell your work in a physical CD format, as otherwise your CDs may not play in all CD players or the replication plant may refuse to manufacture your product.