Mastered for iTunes

Mastered for iTunesitunes

Apple has recently embarked on its Mastered For iTunes initiative and Loft Mastering is proud to be among their elite group of approved facilities.

Working with Apple and incorporating specialist mastering tools into our workflow, we are able to ensure that the MFiT specification is strictly adhered to. These tools enable us to test and approve the MFiT encoding prior to sending your masters for final processing at Apple.

What Is It?

Using their bespoke/flagship codec ‘AAC’, developed with the Fraunhofer Institute, iTunes offers incredible fidelity with low file sizes.

Using their new 2 step encoding process Apple are able to offer a higher quality encode from a higher resolution file, whereas traditionally encoding from 44.1kHz 16bit (CD quality) audio.

This is a leap forward in terms of audio quality on iTunes and a perfect way to begin stepping into the world of high resolution audio.

We optimise your music for iTunes so that it sounds fantastic when encoded to Apple’s AAC format.