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Label Copy – What Do I Need To Send?

(Q) What information do I need to send along with my audio files?

(A) In addition to uploading your premaster audio files, we’ll also need some information about your project. These details will form part of the metadata (e.g. CD-Text) embedded within your final production master(s) so it’s important to ensure all details are correct.

Please supply the following information:

1. Artist Name
2. Project (e.g. Album/EP) Title
3. Full Track Titles & Running Order
4. ISRC Codes
5. Release Formats (e.g. Audio CD, iTunes)
6. UPC/EAN Number (if required)

Artist Name (required)

Project (required)

Full Track Titles & Running Order

ISRC Codes More information here

Release Formats (e.g. Audio CD, iTunes) (required)

UPC/EAN Number (if required)

Your Email (required)

5 Pre-Mastering Tips

  1. Don’t clip – leave headroom (-12 RMS?) & then check your files!!
  2. Leave premaster files in their original resolution.
  3. Don’t over cook your mix bus – remove limiting?
  4. Multi-band Compression? – try to fix issues in your multitrack NOT mix bus
  5. Consult your mastering engineer.

BIMM Resources


McGurk Effect – Seeing Is Believing (close your eyes and listen!)

Pitch To Frequency Chart



AES Mastering Conference – Stem Mastering

Why Has Stem Mastering Become So Popular?

Higher expectations at the mastering stage/Lower recording budgets – lower skillsets!

When Should We Consider Stem Mastering?

Global mix issues?/ Am I compromising the project in stereo? (Quality Control!)

Common Questions From Clients?

Should I book stereo or stem mastering? (communication pre-mastering/planning/teamwork)

How do I prepare stems? (Client checklist (Blog)/Beware of mix bus dynamics! Always A/B)

How many stems should i send? (Keep it simple!)

How To Avoid Falling Back In To Mix Mode?

Mixing vs Stem Mastering vs Mastering (3 hats?)

McGurk Effect – % Sensory information/Limiting visual feedback

Left brain vs Right Brain (Analytical vs Creative) What impact does our vision have?

Typical stem processing  

Hands on vs hands off? Bold vs delicate?

Approach each project on its own merits. Let the project guide you.


Line Amps / Saturation / Harmonic Distortion /Character


Dynamic EQ/MultiBand







Arrangements – Basics

1. Pitch – High/Low

2. Dynamics – Loud/Quiet

3. Timbre – Bright/Dull

4. Articulation – Ta ta ta vs Na na na

5. Level of activity – i.e. Notes Per Bar

6. Levels of focus (inc. 3D) – Primary / Secondary / Tertiary / Supportive / Subliminal

7. Width vs Mono

8. Contrast – e.g. Filtered  > Full Frequency / Mono > Wide




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